VILA VITA Parc welcomes Ayurvedic Guru Suraj Varma as a Guest Practitioner this July

One of the world's best holistic therapists at VILA VITA Parc.

Suraj Varma, one of the world’s best holistic therapists, specialized in Ayurvedic treatments, will be at  VILA VITA Parc from 19 to 30 July 2018. During this period, guests and outside visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy entirely tailor-made treatments, suitable for their own needs and profile.

His treatments are known for their ability to produce long term effects when it comes to backaches, stress management, insomnia, poor circulation and sore muscles, among others. They consist in a combination of the best of traditional therapies, including Ayurvedic massage, Prana Healing and Reflexology, with a variety of western techniques such as Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Hot Stone Therapy.

Suraj Varma learned from his father the power of healing through touch. He then continued his education at the prestigious Ayurvedic Hospital at Coimbatore in Kerala, India, after which he joined the 5-star Sheraton Doha Hotel in Qatar. Here he ended up being promoted to Senior Therapist while having the opportunity to work with high profile clients such as Sheiks, politicians from all over the world, business leaders and professional athletes.

His reputation, acquired through his natural healing ability and highly empathetic approach, grew throughout the years, resulting in opportunities such as being hired by the renowned British Spa brand E’Spa to create unique signature treatments, and being invited by Dr. Mosaraf Ali, founder of the renowned The Integrated Medical Centre, in London, to join his practice. He was also invited to collaborate with the Blakes Hotel as a therapist consultant and with the award-winning Chancery Court Spa as a Senior Therapist. Nowadays he travels the world as a freelance Holistic Therapist, collaborating with some of the world’s best Spas in a regular way. His name and treatments have already been featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue or Tatler. 

His treatments always begin with a 20-minute consultation where Suraj Varma pinpoints the main areas to address and defines the best technique to do so. No treatment is the same, as it is tailor-made to suit the client’s profile and specific needs.

Treatments available at VILA VITA Parc:

  • Kerala Karma | 90 minutes | 210€

A traditional treatment based on Ayurvedic principles to achieve total relaxation and a renewed sense of energy. The journey begins with a body polish exfoliation, warm shower, followed by Brahmanam, a nourishing Ayurvedic massage, then a soothing facial with specialized movements to reduce wrinkles and create a radiant glow.

  • Blissful Back & Head Massage | 75 minutes | 185€

An ideal deep tissue treatment for those who spend long hours at a desk, or on the computer, or those whose bodies may be stressed from workouts. This treatment is specifically designed to release tension in the back and neck to promote relaxation. Dosha specific Ayurvedic oils are massaged into the key points along the spine, upper and lower back, neck and head, followed by steam or sauna.

  • Ayurvedic Holistic Balancing | 120 minutes | 245€

An intensive treatment that aims to completely de-stress the guest, then correct imbalance between the tridoshas (Vatha, Pitha, Kapha) and is especially helpful for those suffering from poor memory, lack of energy, headaches, insomnia, and spondylitis. After a detailed consultation, treatment starts with a herbal oil scrub followed by Abhyanga-Ayurvedic warm oil massage incorporate with hot stone massage.  The massage techniques used work on balancing the seven charkas in the body. The treatment concludes with Shirodhara, a deeply relaxing procedure that pours warm Ayurvedic oil on the ‘third eye’ area of the forehead.

  • Swastha - wellness of the face and body | 60 minutes | 145€

Deep relaxing traditional Indian face and body ritual for restoring natural beauty with powerful anti-ageing properties. Skin is intensely regenerated and uplifted with radiant and younger looking skin

  • Ayurvedic Nasya Treatment | 45 minutes | 120€

The Ayurvedic Nasya treatment is used to treat disorders related to migraines, throat, nose, ear, sinusitis and stiff neck. It also helps to develop and strengthen the shoulders, chest, skin, neck and head region.


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