Herdade dos Grous launches “Convent Sweets Gastronomic Weeks” in May

The Herdade dos Grous celebrates one of the world's finest sweets.

Intrinsic to the traditional Portuguese gastronomy, the origin of the Convent Sweets, which are based in egg yolks and sugar, dates back to the 15th century, when sugar became more common in Portugal, following the beginning of the sugar cane plantations in the recent Portuguese colonies.

Its name derives from the fact that the sweets were originally created by nuns, looking to occupy their time in the convents. Initially made only for self consumption, over the centuries and with the loss of ostentation and budget of the Catholic Church, nuns and monks were forced to start selling these sweets in the nearby villages, looking to enlarge their income. The recipes gradually started to be executed by women who lived in those villages and, little by little, the Convent Sweets started to be a part of the tables of a large part of the population.

In the Alentejo region, a big part of the traditional sweets are Convent Sweets. It’s possible to go on a gastronomic tour throughout the region and never taste the same sweet twice. The main ingredients are extremely simple but offer delicious results: sugar, eggs, bread, milk, cheese, curd cheese, cinnamon, almond and pumpkin.

In May, the Herdade dos Grous celebrates the traditional Convent Sweets from the Alentejo with the “Convent Sweets Gastronomic Weeks”, with a special highlight for the Convent Sweets Board made by delicacies such as the Plum Sericá from Elvas, the Toucinho do Céu from Évora, the Convent Cheese from Portalegre and Beja’s Convent Puddings.

An amazing opportunity to indulge your sweet tooth with a gastronomic tour that will leave your taste buds longing for more!