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Pristine beaches, amazing rock formations and sea caves that can only be accessed by boat.

Daily at Café Bica, our special daily recommendation of the finest pastry in the world, served with the perfect slow brew coffee! 

May 18th was the International Museum Day, during which the monuments, palaces and exhibition halls under the management of the Cultural Heritage department (DGPC) offered free admission tickets...

The Algarve region of Portugal is home to some of the most stunning coastline in the world. Love...
The Ommiad Moorish dynasty in Portugal was present in the South for more than three centuries (711 to 1031) and amongst the cultural heritage found in the region are Islamic board games, on...

With the arrival of warmer summer days, lighter and healthier options seem to be the in thing! Refreshing and invigorating fruit and vegetable juices as well as other nutritiously delicious fare...

VILA VITA Parc is nominated again for the World Travel Awards 2016.
Salema's beach was chosen by "The Guardian" as one of the top 50 beach destinations in the world - and that's were VILA VITA Collection villas are located.
In December 2015 VILA VITA Parc was awarded "World’s Leading Green Resort 2015" as recognition of the hotel’s ongoing commitment to excellence in sustainability and luxury.
VILA VITA Parc's Ocean Restaurant is rated as one of the best in the world, according to gourmet super-ranking "La Liste".

Arte Náutica and Praia Dourada are VILA VITA Parc's beach restaurants.

The name comes from Arabic and soon became a popular tradition in Portuguese lands.  

The Wine Cellar at VILA VITA Parc has just completed a refurbishment to its kitchen which will allow a more personalised service with greater quality and variety of dishes.

Attention to detail and sustainability at VILA VITA Parc is world renown.  Nothing is left to chance, especially when it comes to protection of the environment and of the species that beautify the...

Do you like sport? Can't go without exercise even during your holidays? Want to start a new sport or receive specialist classes to improve your sports performance?

Executive Chef Manfred Kickmaier was born in Austria and brought to the kitchen a different kind of approach.