Wednesdays Classic Barber Services at VILA VITA Parc

The visits to the barber shops were, for many years, part of a weekly (and sometimes daily) male routine, almost all around the western world. 

This was a place where men got together, not only to take care of their beard and hair, but also to socialize and create bonds. This was the place where an important male ritual took place, and as such, every detail was taken into account: from its usually classical decor and high-quality products, all the way to the manner in which the staff addressed the clients and treated them as members of a small neighbourhood family.

Over time, the daily fast pace and the innovations in term of self-shaving techniques and products (who’s not familiar with Gillette nowadays?), contributed to the gradual disappearance of this ritual. Recently, however, we have been witnessing the emergence of new Barber Shops, some leaning towards a more classical and elegant style, a sort of revival of the old barber shops, and others with a more modern twist.  

Recently, VILA VITA Parc decided to incorporate the classical Barber Shop service in the list of services available to its resident and non-resident guests. Leading the Barber Shop is André Pereira, a sworn devotee to the art of shaving since early on. He started at home, with a friend. After a while, certain of his passion for the art, he decided to invest in his education and did a specialization course in Loulé. He worked at local hairdressers and barber shops where he acquired important experience and a faithful client portfolio, which would one day allow him to open his own shop

It’s at his shop and at VILA VITA Parc’s Barber Shop that he puts into practise everything he has learned throughout the years, and where he surpasses the clients’ expectations with a classical and elegant style that characterizes his way of shaving and cutting hair. Hot towel shaves, “the old-fashioned way”, and classical square haircuts that enhance the typical male head shape, are his speciality. 

André gives a specialist’s advice to his current and future clients: “Plenty of hydration, especially for men who wear long beards. Beard eventually accumulates bacteria, so it’s necessary to pay a deeper attention to its cleaning and hydration.” 

At VILA VITA Parc’s Barber Shop, where he may be found every Wednesday from 14:30 to 18:00, he uses the world-renowned Depot and Musgo Real products. From after-shaves to lotions and moisturizing creams: every product used is of the highest-quality so that the end result is flawless.  

Opening times: every Wednesday, from 14h30 to 18h00 (open to resident and non-resident guests) 

Appointments: +351 282 310 100 or 2516 (internal extension)