VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, in Porches, Algarve, has recently invested on a large format high-resolution LED screen in one of its largest meeting & events rooms.

The screen, with a dimension of 12 x 3m, is the first and only large format LED screen in Portugal with a resolution of P2.5, is suitable for any kind of presentation and now complements the already very attractive offer at VILA VITA Parc in terms of meetings & events. 

This recent addition now joins the list of features that again confirm this resort as one of the best spaces in Portugal for social or corporate meetings and events. With over 1100m2 of events space, not including outdoor gardens and terraces, VILA VITA Parc offers 9 meeting rooms with sizes between 40 and 600m2, amongst which an elegant and contemporary boardroom located in the resort’s library, as well as a large Events Pavilion with capacity up to 400 people, featuring natural daylight.  

The recently-launched coffee breaks, with an organic and healthy concept featuring lactose and gluten free products, are also part of the latest news at VILA VITA Parc, guaranteeing a special touch to any event. 

For more information on the meetings & events offers, please contact, +351 282 310 145 or visit 

Along with Winter comes the colder weather and the urge to indulge in more consistent dishes that warm us up inside. 

Take our Executive Chef's suggestion and enjoy a recipe made with some of the best POrtuguese ingredients such as sweet potato, chestnuts and the famous black Alentejo pork. 

  • Ingredients for  4 :

Black pork cheeks  - 1kg
Onion- 300gr
Garlic clove - 2
Red wine from Alentejo (Herdade dos Grous) - 1lt
Meat broth - 3lt
Bay leaf - 3
Thyme - 30gr
Thick sea salt - 500gr
Paprika - q.b.
Salt / Pepper - q.b.
Sweet potato - 700gr
Skinless chestnut- 150gr
Baby carrots - 100gr



  1. Clean the skin, any impurities and fat off the pork cheeks. Make a brine with 13g of salt per kg for 45 minutes.
  2. Wash and dry the cheeks; Brown both sides in a frying pan and remove. Braise the onion, the garlic and the paprika in the same frying pan where you browned the cheeks and add some Red Herdade dos Grous wine. Put all in a pan with the meat broth and stew for 1:30h until they’re soft and juicy.
  3. Put the washed and dried sweet potatoes over thick sea salt in a tray for 45 minutes in the oven. Peel them and grind them (in the Bimby) and season with salt, pepper and olive oil.
  4. Peel the onions and the garlics and chop them into small cubes.
  5. Peel the carrots and fry them. Roast and peel the chestnuts.
  6. Plate the cheeks along with the sweet mash potato, the carrots and the roasted chestnuts.

January 1st is known practically since forever as the first day of the year.

It was implemented in 46 a.d. by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, on the exact day that the Romans dedicated to Janus, the God of Gates. The word “January” actually comes from the name of this God which was known for having 2 faces: one turning forward (the future) and another turning backwards (the past). 

Nowadays, the New Year or “Réveillon” celebrations, word that comes from the French verb “Réveiller” (“to awake”, in English), are common to almost all the cultures that use an annual calendar. The celebrations are different from culture to culture, sometimes even inside the country, from region to region. In Portugal, there are some peculiar traditions such as eating 12 raisins as the clock strikes midnight, jumping from a chair with Money on your shoe, pocket or hand, making noise with the lid of a pan to push bad luck away and to dive in the ocean on the night of the 31st December or the following day. The traditions are too many to count, but one of them is very common: the dinner on the 31st December with family and friends as a way of saying goodbye to the old year. 

At VILA VITA Parc we help you turn your New Year’s Eve dinner into one of the most special and delicious moments of your life. See below VILA VITA Parc’s restaurants’ special New Year’s Eve menus and book now to say goodbye to 2017 with a delicious and elegant memory. 

Adega Restaurant

Anyone passionate about the traditional Portuguese gastronomy cannot help to feel tempted by the special New Year’s Eve menu at the Adega Restaurant. Grilled octopus, Atlantic fish soup with Clams or na Egg Cream and Cinnamon Cornucopia, are some of the dishes that will almost leave you speechless.

Occupying a rustic, whitewashed building on the VILA VITA Parc estate and boasting a spacious sunny terrace with views over the swan lake, Adega channels the rustic romance of the Mediterranean. It is one of the highest demand restaurants at VILA VITA Parc.

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / | WebsiteAdega Restaurant


Atlântico Restaurant

The flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine, based on local products, are the main elements of Atlântico Restaurant’s special New Year’s Eve menu. The Smoked Quail Cream Soup with Périgord Truffle, the Sole with Imperial Caviar Sauce, Spinach and Champagne or the Hibiscus Flower Infused Melon are only some of the dishes included in the menu of 2017’s last evening, in this restaurant of extraordinary views of blue and green over the Atlantic Ocean and VILA VITA Parc’s gardens. 

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / | WebsiteAtlântico Restaurant


VILA VITA Biergarten

This year, gather friends and family and come say goodbye to 2017 with the best flavours of the German gastronomy, in a place so much like the Bavarian mountain chalets. You’ll be greeted with a welcome cocktail, followed by the special New Year’s Eve menu made of delicious dishes such as the Herring Fillet with Chicory Salad, Apple and Beetroot, the Pumpkin Cream Soup with Brez’n Croutouns or the Dunkel Beer Brownie with Salted Caramel and Pistachio Ice-cream. And of course the always refreshing and amazing German beer and live music that will liven up your evening and have you enter 2018 in the most amazing way!

Reservations: +351 282 310 230 / | WebsiteVILA VITA Biergarten

Praia Dourada Restaurant

How does the idea of saying goodbye to 2017 in a relaxed, beach atmosphere, with the sound of the sea waves as a background music and the sand only a few steps away sound? Good? Very good? Then the Praia Dourada Restaurant, at the beach in Armação de Pera may very well be the ideal option for you. The special New Year’s Eve menu will be made of delicious dishes such as Oysters with Yuzu and Chili, Rumpsteak with Chimichurri and Cassava Chips and a Spiced Hazelnut-Pear Cake with a Chocolate sauce to finish. Oh, and we’ll make sure that you enter 2018 with rhythm in your feet with the music of our Live DJ throughout the evening!

Reservations: +351 282 310 230 / | WebsitePraia Dourada Restaurant


The 2 Michelin star Ocean Restaurant, located at VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, in Porches, Algarve, is once again on the famous La Liste ranking of the 1000 Best Restaurants in the World.

This year, Ocean has reached the 64th place in the list, 38 places higher than last year’s 102nd place. With a score of 97,5%, Ocean, lead by Chef Hans Neuner, was the only restaurant in Portugal to be included in the Top 100, ahead of the other 7 Portuguese restaurants also included on the list.

Every year, La Liste, founded by Philippe Faure (French diplomat and a devotee to the world of gastronomy) and composed of some of the best names in the world of international gastronomy, launches the list for the World’s Best 1000 restaurants.

La Liste is based on an algorithm that cross-references over 550 specialised publications & food critics to calculate an annual score that sets its ranking scale. The end result is an impressive range of outstanding food experiences which have been handpicked by discerning critics.

Portuguese Restaurants included on the list (by order):

Ocean, Porches (97,50%)

Il Gallo D’Oro, Funchal (95,00%)

The Yeatman, Vila Nova de Gaia (94,50%)

Belcanto, Lisboa (94,00%)

Vila Joya, Albufeira (90,75%)

Fortaleza do Guincho, Cascais (83,25%)

Henrique Leis, Almancil (80,50%)

Largo do Paço, Amarante (80,00%)

Christmas is the ideal time of the year to, regardless of our lifestyle and daily pace, get all those who matter the most, family and friends, together in moments of joy, comfort and intimacy.

The typical delicacies and dishes of the festive season fill up the tables and it is impossible to remain indifferent to the myriad of smells, flavours and colours that indulge our senses. This Christmas dedicate more time to what really matters – those dearest to you – and leave the Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas lunch preparations up to our dedicated and experienced team. See below VILA VITA Parc’s restaurants’ special Christmas menus and get ready for one of the most perfect Christmas ever.

Adega Restaurant

Occupying a rustic, whitewashed building on the VILA VITA Parc estate and boasting a spacious sunny terrace with views over the swan lake, Adega channels the rustic romance of the Mediterranean. Punchy Portuguese tapas plates and regional specialties from the likes of Madeira and Azores introduce authentic local flavours, while live music courtesy of traditional Portuguese guitarists and Fado singers bolsters the atmosphere at dinner

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / | WebsiteAdega Restaurant


Bela Vita Restaurant

Located in the main building, the Bela Vita Restaurant offers a warm and inviting space, with a sleek and urbane retro-chic décor, soothing pastel furnishings and a distinctive chevron wooden floor. The outdoor terrace, with its intricate Portuguese calçada, is a favourite spot to enjoy the view over the gardens and the lake..

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / | WebsiteBela Vita Restaurant


Arte Náutica Restaurant 

Arte Náutica is an elegant beach restaurant with a large terrace, located less than 2mi/4km from VILA VITA Parc at the neighboring town of Armação de Pêra. By day, it is a charming spot for a carefree bite by the beach, while at dinner, the romance factor rises as the sun sinks over the ocean. The menu is made of a selection of fresh fish straight from the market, plus grilled meats, salads and snacks. It’s the perfect choice for a Christmas Lunch with the soft sounds of the crashing waves as the soundtrack.

Reservations: +351 282 314 875 / | WebsiteArte Náutica Restaurant


Atlântico Restaurant 

The Atlântico Restaurant offers a Mediterranean cuisine with a French and Portuguese flair. This oceanfront fine dining with magnificent views of the Atlantic and the infinity pool below features seasonal, local, regionally and organically grown products. Views from the terrace that will literally take your breath away.

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / | WebsiteAtlântico Restaurant


Praia Dourada Restaurant

Praia Dourada is a casual beach restaurant with a breathtaking view of the sea’s sparkling blue shades from the beach at Armação de Pêra. It offers a fresh and modern young atmosphere, as well as a vibrant menu made of freshly made dishes like mussels, prawns in aioli sauce, beef tournedo, homemade burgers, artisan pizzas, spicy spareribs, wraps and bites and tasty desserts. More than 15 special gin drinks, med cocktails, coffees, shakes and cold press juices natural juices complete the menu. The perfect spot for a relaxed Christmas lunch. 

Reservations: +351 282 310 230 / | WebsitePraia Dourada Restaurant


VILA VITA Biergarten

Recently remodelled, the VILA VITA Biergarten resembles now, more than ever, like an authentic Bavarian mountain chalet. A comfortable and cosy atmosphere and a menu made of the finest delicacies from the German gastronomy, are key elements for its growing success.

Reservations: +351 282 310 230 / | WebsiteVILA VITA Biergarten

Is there anyting better than a hot beverage on a cold winter day? Some might say "hardly". We agree. 

This winter, take our suggestion and relax with the sweet and cosy taste of chocolate mixed with the deep kick of whiskey. Top it with caramel and marshmallows or whipped cream, put your feet up and just enjoy.

Prep time: 5 mins

Cook time: 8 mins

Total time: 13 mins

Serves: serves a healthy 2


  • Ingredients
    • 1/4 cup cocoa powder
    • 1/4 cup chocolate chips
    • 1/2 cup sugar
    • 1/4 tsp chili powder
    • 2 cups whole milk
    • 3 fl. oz. whiskey
    • caramel and marshmallows or whipped cream for topping


  • Instructions
  1. Add the cocoa, the chocolate chips, sugar, chili powder and milk to a small saucepan 
  2. Heat over medium high, whisking constantly to dissolve the cocoa and melt the chips
  3. Bring the hot chocolate to a steam–not a boil–then remove from heat
  4. Add the whiskey, and divide between two mugs
  5. Top with caramel and whipped cream or marshmallows


Christmas is fast approaching and now is the time to start thinking on how to make this Christmas even more special than the last one.

We plan family moments around a table filled with delicious typical delicacies, we plan to reunite with our loved ones, some of whom are not around during most of the year, and we look forward to the opportunity to show them how much we care for them, whether through genuine demonstrations of affection, or through special gifts that create spontaneous smiles.

VILA VITA Parc helps you to make these smiles come true. Accept our gifts suggestions below and be prepared to raise the bar of your future Christmases.

Gift Vouchers VILA VITA Parc

Looking for an unforgettable gift for a very special person? This Christmas offer a VILA VITA experience. The VILA VITA Gift Vouchers are available from €100 and may be used in Accommodation, Restaurants and Bars (in and outside the resort) and in Spa services. They may be acquired online through VILA VITA Parc's online shop  by emailing or calling +351 282 310 100.


Herdade dos Grous and Quinta do Valbom Wines

The Herdade dos Grous, located in the middle of the vast Alentejo plains, in Beja, originates one of the most amazing portuguese wines, with the same name. This Christmas, discover its selection of Red, White, Reserva and Moon Harvested, available at the VILA VITA Butcher, next to the VILA VITA Biergarten, in Porches, in the Algarve, and offer one of the most delicious nectars ever produced in Alentejo.

In case you prefer the wines from the magnificent Douro hills, then you may also choose from the Quinta do Valbom wines, also available at the VILA VITA Butcher, considered to be one of the most organic wines in the world.

Typical German Products

The german gastronomy is made of extremely rich delicacies, which become particularly delicious during the Winter. This Christmas pick your favourites amongst the large variety of german products available at the VILA VITA Butcher, next to VILA VITA Biergarten, in Porches, in the Algarve, or build your own hamper, by mixing them with some extraordinary organic charcuterie, produced directly at the Butcher with meat from the Herdade dos Grous, in Alentejo. You’ll be able to choose from a selection of various products such as the famous Leberkäse, the Bierwurst and Stuttgart Bierwurst mortadellas, the countless varieties of sausages, the famous 100% natural German Apple Juice and many others.


Address: VILA VITA Biergarten, EN 125, Rotunda de Porches, 8400-489 Porches · Algarve, Portugal
Tel: +351 282 381 181
Opening hours: Tuesday 2pm-6pm | Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm | Saturday 10am-1pm

The Algarve is known for its coastline filled with beautiful golden sandy beaches and an extraordinary climate that guarantees over 300 days of sunshine and mild temperatures throughout the year. 

But the Algarve is much more than only its beaches and golf courses. It’s a region characterized by an impressive landscape diversity, which can be fully appreciated by foot through the numerous existing walking trails that allow for a direct contact with nature, while promoting a physical and mental wellbeing.  Oak tree woods, fields of cork trees, local strawberry trees (medronheiros), rosemary and aroeira trees, as well as lagoons and large sand dune areas, are some of the elements that make up the Algarvian landscape.

Below you’ll find some information about the nearest walking trails to VILA VITA Parc, so that you can make the most out of your stay, and discover the year-round extraordinary beauty of the region.  

Recommended equipment:

  • Comfortable and suitable walking shoes;
  • Sun glasses, sun screen and hat;
  • Small backpack to carry water, snacks and energy bars and a small first aid kit;
  • Camera and/or binoculars;
  • Mobile phone 

Special Precautions

  • Avoid walking the trails alone;
  • Don’t step on the sand dunes;
  • Follow the signalling on the tracks;
  • Pay attention to your surroundings

Walking Trails near VILA VITA Parc:

Sete Vales Suspensos” Walking Trail

This trail accompanies the cliff by the coastline, and is interrupted by 7 small valleys, created over the years by ancient water lines. The trail begins at the picnic area of the beautiful Marinha beach and ends at the Centeanes beach, a total of 12kms (round trip) and an average duration of 5 hours.

Along the way you’ll be able to see amazing rock formations such as large arches and caves; several plants such as juniper, Peruvian pepper trees and the local “carrasco” bushes; animals such as cormorants and seagulls; the Alfanzina lighthouse and several fishing boats at the Benagil beach. You will also have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the view in one of the many viewpoints located along the trail.

Location: Praia da Marinha, Lagoa

GPS: 37º 05’ 24,635’’N, 8º 24’ 46,181’’ W (beginning) / 37º 05’ 28,799’’ N, 8º 27’ 14,762’’ W (end)


Interpretação da Praia Grande” Walking Trail

This particular trail is ideal for birdwatching lovers, since it’s located in an area with a large diversity of bird species. It runs for a total of 5kms, with an average duration of 2 hours. The trail begins at the Praia Grande car park, in Pêra.  

When walking by the Salgados Lagoon, you’ll be able to watch flocks of flamingos, black-winged stilts, purple herons and ferruginous ducks. You will then proceed through the beach, on a wooden walkway that crosses over the sand dunes, on to an area of stone pines. The trail ends at agricultural area where you’ll be able to see the ruins of old windmills and barns.   

Location: Praia Grande, Pêra

GPS: 37º 05’ 44,304’’ N, 8º 20’ 11,296’’ W (beginning) / 37º 06’ 19,743’’ N, 8º 20’ 20,544’’ W (end)


Ao Sabor da Maré” Walking Trail

This trail, located in Alvor, near Portimão, is almost entirely done on a long wooden walkway (the largest in the Algarve) which starts by the fishing dock. The trail is 6kms long with an average duration of about 2 hours.

It runs over the Ria de Alvor and goes all the way to the Três Irmãos beach. Throughout the trail you’ll be able to watch several bird species such as the common terns, herons, gannets, amongst many other species. You can return by the beach.

Location: Alvor, Portimão

GPS: 37º 07’ 35,004’’ N, 8º 35’ 46,461’’ W (beginning)



The festive season is approaching quickly. The Christmas spirit is beginning to set in and the time comes to start thinking about this year’s Christmas Dinners.

Whether to thank your employees or only as a way of getting long or short time friends together, this year surprise them with a Christmas dinner in one of VILA VITA Parc’s many restaurants or event rooms. The intuitive service and passion for perfection of our experienced and highly creative team are the key elements for your dinner’s success.

See below the several available options when it comes to restaurants and event spaces in and outside VILA VITA Parc, as well as the special Christmas menus, and contact us to receive a proposal adjusted to your needs.

Outside the Resort

VILA VITA Biergarten

Recently refurbished, the VILA VITA Biergarten resembles a real Bavarian mountain chalet. A comfortable and cosy atmosphere and a menu made of the best German delicacies, are the key elements for its success. The upper floor, with capacity up to 75 people, offers the ideal conditions for group/corporate events, including a slightly elevated area perfect to be used as a stage.


Praia Dourada Restaurant

This casual beach restaurant, with a breathtaking view of the sea’s sparkling blue shades from the beach at Armação de Pêra, offers a fresh and modern young atmosphere as well as a vibrant menu made of freshly made dishes. More than 15 special gin drinks, med cocktails, coffees, shakes and cold press natural juices complete the menu. It’s the perfect location for a relaxed Christmas dinner filled with positive energy. The restaurant’s capacity is 70 people.


Arte Náutica Restaurant

The Arte Náutica is an elegant beach restaurant with a large terrace, located less than 4kms from VILA VITA Parc, at Armação de Pêra. The menu is made of a selection of fresh fish straight from the market, plus grilled meats, salads and snacks. The perfect choice for a Christmas Dinner with the sound of the sea waves as the soundtrack. The Arte Náutica restaurant has capacity up to 58 people.


Inside the Resort

Events’ Spaces (Meeting Rooms and Event’s Pavilion)

As an alternative to the restaurants, you may choose from one of VILA VITA Parc’s several event spaces. The meeting rooms and the Events’ Pavilion, with areas that go from 55sqm to 600sqm, are the perfect choice for a completely personalized and exclusive event.  


Special Locations


Wine Cellar

If you’re looking for a special and unique place to surprise you Christmas Dinner guests this year, then VILA VITA Parc’s extraordinary Wine Cellar, with a stock of over 11,000 amazing vintages, including the spectacular reds from the Herdade dos Grous, the resort’s own wine estate and farm located in the Alentejo, may very well be the place for you. The Cellar, located at 8mt deep which allows it to maintain a stable temperature throughout the year, is made of bricks up to 150 years old, imported from Egypt, Austria and Greece. It’s a unique place where you’ll be able to host Wine Tastings accompanied by a delicious selection of tapas, or exclusive dinners up to 12 people.



The Mizu-Teppanyaki restaurant, with a Zen and relaxed atmosphere, a decoration inspired by Japanese culture and tradition mixed with a sophisticated and modern style, high quality ingredients, innovative culinary techniques and a privileged view over the Atlantic Ocean, is the resort´s new contemporary fine dining Japanese restaurant. With a capacity of 42 people indoor, 14 people in the outdoor terrace overlooking the ocean, and 10 people at the Teppanyaki, Mizu-Teppanyaki may very well be a special and unique option for you Christmas Dinner this year.


For more information and proposal request, please contact us by emailing or calling +351 282 310 100.

In December, the magical Christmas Wonderland comes to VILA VITA Parc.

After last year’s successful first edition, the VILA VITA Christmas Market returns to Porches, in the Algarve, bringing along the charm, spirit and style of Northern Europe’s traditional Christmas markets, with added sunshine.

Delicious culinary delights such as grilled sausages, Lebkuchen and Glühwein and other tasty treats, wines, unique festive merchandise, handcraft and several gifts will be on display over 8 wooden alpine huts.

Make sure to participate in the several wintery workshops available and learn all about the art of decorating centre pieces and beautiful gift packaging. We guarantee that this Christmas your gifts will be the most beautiful under the Christmas tree! Youngsters will be able to join in activities such as face painting and several fun games.

Don’t miss the opportunity of winning several amazing prizes at the Christmas Prize Draw, such as meals for 2 persons at VILA VITA Parc’s new contemporary Japanese Mizu-Teppanyaki restaurant and at the Praia Dourada restaurant in the beach in Armação de Pêra; a Wine Tasting at VILA VITA Parc’s unique Wine Cellar; a box of Herdade dos Grous’ wines or a Christmas Hamper made of several high-quality products.

This year, you will also be able to donate €1 for each purchase you make at the VILA VITA Christmas Market to the local Children’s Charity Institution Lar de Crianças Bom Samaritano. VILA VITA Parc will cover your donation in the same amount.

The VILA VITA Christmas Market is at the Biergarten, located on the Porches roundabout on the N-125. It will be open during the first 3 weekends of December, on Saturdays and Sundays, from 1pm to 8pm, on 2-3, 9-10 and 16-17 December 2017. Entrance is free for all.