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The brand Zouri turns rubbish from the ocean into vegan, minimalist shoes.

VILA VITA’s Culinary World enhances further its “farm to fork” philosophy.

This is a treatment that can easily be done at home and is most of the times, underrated.

In these times, there is a lot of sharing of information and disinformation and fake news that creates...

Executive Pastry Chef Pedro Matos, are sharing their recipes for a traditional Portuguese Easter: the typical Folar da Páscoa.

VILA VITA’s Executive Chefs Manfred Kickmaier and Paulo Fortes are sharing their recipes for a traditional Portuguese Easter.

After an extended period at home, it is hard to avoid children from getting bored or sitting in front of the TV and their tablets.

Keeping a routine is important during isolation. Staying active is key to maintaining your physical but also your mental health. There are many ways to keep active at home, some run up the stairs...

Focusing on one of the most important fruits of Algarve – lemons – this recipe is refreshing and ideal if you’re looking for something healthy and easy to make while you’re at home.

We live in fast-moving times where we can easily lose sight of what’s important in life – taking time to look after ourselves and enjoy a healthier life, today and tomorrow.

People are drawn to the sea. We long to be near it, to hear waves crash and feel warm sand between our toes. It’s a place to feel at one with the world and at peace with yourself, to become...

If you think the Algarve is exclusively a Summer destination, you are mistaken.

This Christmas dedicate your time to what really matters: spending quality time with family and friends.

A true paradise for social media lovers.

Luxury resort shopping does not get much better than this.

VILA VITA Parc is once again recognized at the World Travel Awards.