Porches Craft Beer Fest at the VILA VITA Biergarten

The first edition of the Porches Craft Beer Fest at the VILA VITA Biergarten.

On 1st June 2018, VILA VITA Biergarten, the Algarve’s most authentic German beer garden, located in the charming town of Porches, will be hosting the first edition of the Porches Craft Beer Fest, a festival dedicated to the world of craft beer. The large garden with its wooden huts offers plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the festival outdoors.

The festival, with free entrance from 6:30pm onwards, will welcome its visitors in a relaxed atmosphere with several concerts, craft beer workshops, a live DJ and a large gastronomic offer in a street food style, made of several traditional Bavarian delicacies, organic meat and several snacks within the concept food-for-beer.

As for the concerts, there’s a special highlight to be made regarding the performance of the Portuguese band Dead Combo, led by the original band members Tó Trips and Pedro Gonçalves and featuring 3 guest musicians. Dead Combo - renowned internationally for its unique music inspired by Fado, rock and rhythmic beats from South America and Africa - is currently launching its sixth album called ‘Odeon Hotel’ that features a special collaboration with North American artist Mark Lanegan.

The event is organised by VILA VITA Parc with the goal of promoting the popular world of craft beers, and launching the hotel’s very own craft beer, Porches Craft Beer. VILA VITA Parc’s craft beer (Pilsner, Brown Ale and IPA) is available exclusively at the resort and at the Biergarten.