The World of Horses

For those who dream of holidays with horses, there's no need to seek out an all-American ranch on the other side of the Atlantic.

It's possible, right here in Portugal, to enjoy a vacation fully imbued with equestrian culture.

Herdade dos Grous, in the Alentejo, offers very diverse riding experiences, which accommodate the expectations of young and old, beginners, intermediate and experienced riders. Some of the rooms and suites are located so close to the stables and the pens that it's possible to see and hear the horses all the time.

For many people – children and adults alike –, horses are an absolute passion. For others who have never had great contact with this noble animal, it is a delight to find a place where they balance the riding options for beginners and experienced riders.

The horseback tours include birdwatching and the enjoyment of the Alentejo's scenic beauty. It's also possible to book a lovely picnic experience with a romantic stop at a tree house.  

Equestrian tourism isn't just about riding lessons or the magical randonnée, those lovely cantering or galloping excursions across the infinite plains. The hours totted up on the saddle are complemented by daily accompaniment of stable work, mucking out, and cleaning the saddles and harnesses.

The familiarity with the horse can also be achieved by taking part in daily activities such as bathing, brushing, feeding and generally caring for the horse. Depending on the time of year, you can watch the work of the smith changing the horseshoes with age-old skill, witness the vet delivering a foal, or even observe how they break in the young horses. The stables of Herdade dos Grous hold the pure essence of the equestrian world.

Horse-back riding lesson from € 25.00 per person.  Horse-back outing (1h) from € 50.00 per person