Become a Michelin Chef for a day: Prepare "Chicken Piri-Piri" Ocean style

Convert your kitchen into a Michelin star restaurant with Chef Hans Neuner´s take on Chicken Piri-Piri and Algarvean Salad.   From the Ocean to your home, here is the recipe. It´s your turn to make it possible:   



  • 15 chicken legs
  • 0,5 cl olive oil
  • 0,2 kg Piri-Piri pepper
  • 0,1 kg sweet pepper powder
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 5 laurel leaves
  • 5 shallots


Chicken Roll - Method:

  • Marinate 15 chicken legs during 3-4 hours
  • Brown them at a low temperature and finish cooking in the oven
  • Leave the rest of the meat for an hour
  • Remove the skin from the chicken
  • Cut the skin in small cubes and leave it brown until crisp in the frying pan
  • Cut the meat in slightly bigger cubes
  • Mix the gravy from the chicken in the oven with a chicken stock
  • For every 100 g, add a slab of gelatine and 0,5g of agar and mix with the meat
  • Roll the meat with plastic film to create rolls with 1,5-2 cm diameter.
  • For the marinade: Smoked Spicy Spanish Paprika, Smoked Sweet Spanish Paprika (Pimentón de la Vera), Tabasco, Piri-piri, salt, pepper, Espelette pepper, sugar and garlic mixed with the chicken stock and olive oil.


Algarvean Salad – Method:

  • Peel the tomatoes
  • Cut in 5-7 mm slices
  • Powder with fleur de sel, pepper, etc...
  • Serve the rest of the ingredients on the tomato slice, arranged in a circle



  • Cut the chicken roll in 1cm pieces and place them between the two chicken skins
  • Decorate with olive oil and oregano
  • Serve the tomato salad in a circle and fill the middle with tomato foam.