Ingredient of the month: Algarve's Citrus Fruits

If we had to name one characteristic element of Algarve’s landscape, it would have to be the countless trees filled with oranges, tangerines and lemons that inhabit the local fields.

The citrus fruits, whose origins go back all the way to Asia and the 16th century, when they were first introduced into Portugal are, without a doubt, one of the most typical products of Portugal’s most southern region. In fact, 70% of Portugal’s orange production comes from the Algarve and it is famous for its amazing characteristics: a juicy and tender pulp and a sweet flavour.

This is a fruit that can be found all year long in the Algarve, even at the side of the road being sold by individual vendors. In the autumn and winter time, the small and medium sizes are the most common, presenting a thinner skin and less sugar. In spring and summer, their size increases, as well as their sweet flavour. But, regardless of the chosen type, the high quality of Algarve’s oranges is always there.

For its versatility, flavour and high quality, VILA VITA Parc incorporates citrus fruits in the new menu of the Bela Vita Restaurant, in starters such as “Smoked Quail” served with a winter Silves orange glaze, preserved cranberries and aromatic herbs salad, main dishes such as “Lemon Sole & Mussels” with charred lemon, artichoke and Topinambour or desserts like the “Lemon Merengue” made of lemon curd, crushed meringue, Buddha’s hand and verbena essence.