New menu at Delfim Bar... healthy and Belicious!

With the arrival of warmer summer days, lighter and healthier options seem to be the in thing! Refreshing and invigorating fruit and vegetable juices as well as other nutritiously delicious fare is now available at the Delfim Bar.

Located in the Main Building near the indoor pool and the Heath Club, Delfim Bar presents the new ‘Belicious’ menu this Spring.  Try the baguette Omega 3, with smoked salmon, tzatziki, romaine lettuce and capers, vegetarian wrap with apple, park choy, tofu and grilled pineapple or the Be Organic hamburger, accompanied by grilled vegetables, sweet potato and cottage cheese.

If you feel a bit lost, we will point you in the right direction: Middle East dish is made of quinoa, strawberries, pistachios and haloumi cheese and the North Winds bring roti, hummus, meat with harissa and lemon.  Closer, the Mediterranean features Pata negra cured ham, olives and cherry tomatoes.

As for the natural juices, there are plenty to choose from: Soul with sweet pineapple, apple, celery, mint; Boozy, with banana, spinach, basil and soya milk; and Pure with strawberries, blackberries and watermelon, are a few of the examples to quench your thirst and take care of your body with all the protein and vitamins it needs, while enjoying the flavours of the season!