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Say goodbye to 2017 with VILA VITA Parc’s delicious New Year’s Eve special menus

January 1st is known practically since forever as the first day of the year.

It was implemented in 46 a.d. by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, on the exact day that the Romans dedicated to Janus, the God of Gates. The word “January” actually comes from the name of this God which was known for having 2 faces: one turning forward (the future) and another turning backwards (the past). 

Nowadays, the New Year or “Réveillon” celebrations, word that comes from the French verb “Réveiller” (“to awake”, in English), are common to almost all the cultures that use an annual calendar. The celebrations are different from culture to culture, sometimes even inside the country, from region to region. In Portugal, there are some peculiar traditions such as eating 12 raisins as the clock strikes midnight, jumping from a chair with Money on your shoe, pocket or hand, making noise with the lid of a pan to push bad luck away and to dive in the ocean on the night of the 31st December or the following day. The traditions are too many to count, but one of them is very common: the dinner on the 31st December with family and friends as a way of saying goodbye to the old year. 

At VILA VITA Parc we help you turn your New Year’s Eve dinner into one of the most special and delicious moments of your life. See below VILA VITA Parc’s restaurants’ special New Year’s Eve menus and book now to say goodbye to 2017 with a delicious and elegant memory. 

Adega Restaurant

Anyone passionate about the traditional Portuguese gastronomy cannot help to feel tempted by the special New Year’s Eve menu at the Adega Restaurant. Grilled octopus, Atlantic fish soup with Clams or na Egg Cream and Cinnamon Cornucopia, are some of the dishes that will almost leave you speechless.

Occupying a rustic, whitewashed building on the VILA VITA Parc estate and boasting a spacious sunny terrace with views over the swan lake, Adega channels the rustic romance of the Mediterranean. It is one of the highest demand restaurants at VILA VITA Parc.

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / fb@vilavitaparc.com | WebsiteAdega Restaurant


Atlântico Restaurant

The flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine, based on local products, are the main elements of Atlântico Restaurant’s special New Year’s Eve menu. The Smoked Quail Cream Soup with Périgord Truffle, the Sole with Imperial Caviar Sauce, Spinach and Champagne or the Hibiscus Flower Infused Melon are only some of the dishes included in the menu of 2017’s last evening, in this restaurant of extraordinary views of blue and green over the Atlantic Ocean and VILA VITA Parc’s gardens. 

Reservations: +351 282 310 100 / fb@vilavitaparc.com | WebsiteAtlântico Restaurant


VILA VITA Biergarten

This year, gather friends and family and come say goodbye to 2017 with the best flavours of the German gastronomy, in a place so much like the Bavarian mountain chalets. You’ll be greeted with a welcome cocktail, followed by the special New Year’s Eve menu made of delicious dishes such as the Herring Fillet with Chicory Salad, Apple and Beetroot, the Pumpkin Cream Soup with Brez’n Croutouns or the Dunkel Beer Brownie with Salted Caramel and Pistachio Ice-cream. And of course the always refreshing and amazing German beer and live music that will liven up your evening and have you enter 2018 in the most amazing way!

Reservations: +351 282 310 230 / biergarten@vilavitaparc.com | WebsiteVILA VITA Biergarten

Praia Dourada Restaurant

How does the idea of saying goodbye to 2017 in a relaxed, beach atmosphere, with the sound of the sea waves as a background music and the sand only a few steps away sound? Good? Very good? Then the Praia Dourada Restaurant, at the beach in Armação de Pera may very well be the ideal option for you. The special New Year’s Eve menu will be made of delicious dishes such as Oysters with Yuzu and Chili, Rumpsteak with Chimichurri and Cassava Chips and a Spiced Hazelnut-Pear Cake with a Chocolate sauce to finish. Oh, and we’ll make sure that you enter 2018 with rhythm in your feet with the music of our Live DJ throughout the evening!

Reservations: +351 282 310 230 / fb@vilavitaparc.com | WebsitePraia Dourada Restaurant