VILA VITA Parc's chef nominated for Chef Cook of the Year

VILA VITA Parc's chef has been nominated for Chef Cook of the Year. 

Chef Pedro Pinto, currently leading the kitchen at VILA VITA Parc's Atlântico restaurant, is one of the nominated chefs at the Portuguese competition Chef Cook of the Year.

Photo credits: EG | Cátia Barbosa

The renowned competition, celebrating this year its 29th edition, distinguishes every year the best cooks in the world of the Portuguese gastronomy. For each region, 6 chosen candidates compete among themselves. The top contestants of each regional round then proceed to the final where the winner is announced. On the 4th May, Chef Pedro Pinto won the South/Islands regional round which granted him a place amongst the finalists.

Photo credits: EG | Cátia Barbosa

Pedro Pinto is a perfect example of someone that has achieved success by chasing his dreams and changing career at 28 years old. At 35, the chef, born in Ovar, in the North of Portugal, has already worked in several international and national renowned kitchens, such as the AbAC Barcelona (3 Michelin stars), Vila Joya (2 Michelin stars), Yeatman (2 Michelin stars), Areias do Seixo and Bela Vista (both 1 Michelin stars), and is now currently leading the kitchen of the Atlântico Restaurant at VILA VITA Parc.

His cooking is inspired by nature in it purest form, and based on an organic concept with deep creativity and flavour, always preserving the product's integrity.