Carré de Borrego da Herdade com puré de grão-de-bico e espinafres.

Visit our Herdade dos Grous and taste the flavors of Alentejo

At Herdade dos Grous, the man behind the excellent culinary offering is chef Rui Prado.

Here, he works with rural produce, regional specialities such as the lovely black pork enchido sausages, the tender meat bred at the country estate itself, the fresh organic vegetables and greens also produced on site, and the Alentejo bread and cheeses.

The result is a high-quality cuisine founded on recipes that respect the full flavours and traditions of the land, modernised by cooking techniques and contemporary presentation. For those who wish to experience true Alentejo cuisine with a modern touch, this is the place.

Chef Rui Prado comes from a family with a long restaurant experience. His grandfather was the founder of one of the most emblematic cafés in the historical centre of Loulé, Café Calcinha, and his father was the chef in various restaurants and hotels in the Algarve. Rui Prado's talent for cooking is, therefore, tattooed in his DNA.

The Loulé chef's youth was spent studying, in the cookery course at Faro Hospitality School. What followed were work placements and long hours working in the kitchens of several hotel chains and with prominent Portuguese chefs, such as chef Leonel Pereira (1 Michelin star, São Gabriel restaurant in Vale do Lobo). But it was at Herdade dos Grous that chef Rui Prado found his place to develop his own gastronomic direction.

From his kitchen come generous portions replete with flavours of the land. There's a respect for the coriander, the garlic, the olive oil and the traditional bread – all the staples of Alentejo cooking. However, we also find the introduction of new elements; unusual aromatic herbs, miniature shoots, products and flavours reinvented with techniques picked up from the great chefs.