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The house where Fernando Pessoa lived the last 15 years of his life (1920-35), in the charismatic Lisbon neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique, is a must stop on the route for those who love poetry...

Children have a special place at VILA VITA Parc which holds a special surprise for them.

Some may say that the Algarve has become one of the most successful business destinations due to its year-round mild climate, the variety of Mediterranean gastronomy, its cultural heritage and, of...

The Algarve is a pilgrimage destination for discerning golfers, who come here to experience its world-famous fairways and gorgeously manicured greens.

At Herdade dos Grous, the man behind the excellent culinary offering is chef Rui Prado.

How many times have you been on diets to lose volume everywhere, except for the parts that matter? Find out the details.

One of the latest activities to take place at Herdade dos Grous is the birdwatching, and there's no doubt that the estate's 730 hectares form a privileged destination that offers various...

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Loyal, intelligent, versatile and an exceptional swimmer. A vital assistant for fishermen in their job and at one point on the verge of extinction. 

A gastronomic search for the king of Portuguese seafood might reveal lobsters, prawns, and oysters. But the tastiest seafood of them all? Perceves!

The Mediterranean diet was registered by Croatia, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Morocco and Portugal on the UNESCO´s Immaterial Cultural Heritage List on 4 December 2013.

Considered the 35th most expensive and the 10th most luxurious in the world, Avenida da Liberdade...

A journey back in time! When you enter the Discoveries Wax Museum in the Lagos Marina, it’s like going back in time.

The largest artificial underwater park in the world is in Portugal – or better, in the Ocean opposite the Algarve (Portimão coastline).

According to the European association of marinas and recreational ports, the classification of 5 golden anchors certifies “the quality and trustworthiness of a marina”. The four marinas in the...

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