23 September, 2020 - 18:58

From the ocean

The brand Zouri turns rubbish from the ocean into vegan, minimalist shoes.

30 June, 2020 - 10:35

Atlântico restaurant reopens with a new “Roots” concept

VILA VITA’s Culinary World enhances further its “farm to fork” philosophy.

6 May, 2020 - 18:50

Silky soft skin with a homemade scrub

This is a treatment that can easily be done at home and is most of the times, underrated.

27 March, 2020 - 19:06

Relieve anxiety with some simple breathing exercises and meditation you can do at home

In these times, there is a lot of sharing...

26 March, 2020 - 23:00

Colour the Resort Beautiful

After an extended period at home, it is hard to avoid children from getting bored or sitting in front of the TV and their tablets.

26 March, 2020 - 01:37

Staying Active and Healthy

Keeping a routine is important during isolation. Staying active is key to maintaining your physical but also your mental health. There...

25 March, 2020 - 23:37

Easy and healthy drinks to make at home

Focusing on one of the most important fruits of Algarve – lemons – this recipe is refreshing and ideal if you’re looking for something...

2 July, 2018 - 14:10

VILA VITA Parc is Europe’s Leading Luxury Hotel & Villas

VILA VITA Parc is once again recognized at the World Travel Awards.

2 April, 2018 - 15:33

VILA VITA Parc receives "Chave de Platina", the highest distinction of the Boa Cama Boa Mesa Awards

VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, located in Porches, in the Algarve, was distinguished with the...

29 March, 2018 - 19:26

VILA VITA Parc reaches record number of nominations at the World Travel Awards 2018

VILA VITA Parc reaches record number of nominations at the World Travel Awards 2018.

21 February, 2018 - 14:51

VILA VITA Parc welcomes the Porsche Hybrid Trackdays event

VILA VITA Parc was once again the stage for some of the best cars in the world.

11 January, 2018 - 17:13

VILA VITA PARC invests in the largest high-resolution LED screen in Portugal

VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa, in Porches, Algarve, has recently invested on a large format high-resolution LED screen in one of its...

24 October, 2017 - 13:28

VILA VITA Parc has been distinguished as one of the best Resorts in Europe

VILA VITA Parc has been recently considered one of the Best Resorts in...

22 September, 2017 - 13:16

VILA VITA Parc is distinguished with the award of “Best Resort Hotel” at Publituris Portugal Travel Awards 2017

On the last 21st September, in Óbidos, Portugal, VILA VITA Parc was awarded with the distinction of Best Resort Hotel in Portugal at the...

20 September, 2017 - 15:30

One of the largest artisanal “cataplanas” ever made, at VILA VITA Parc

For many years, the Algarve was a very rich region in terms of arts and crafts.

30 August, 2017 - 11:47

Evolution and innovation. VILA VITA Parc’s Silver Anniversary

It all started some 35 years ago, when the late founders of Vila Vita Parc, Dr. Reinfried and Mrs.

14 August, 2017 - 15:52

A brand new Hairdresser at VILA VITA Parc

The transformation of VILA VITA Parc Resort & Spa continues, with the opening of the resort’s newly-remodelled hair salon and barber...

1 August, 2017 - 21:36

The luxury beachwear brands Heidi Klein and Vilebrequin arrive at VILA VITA Parc

VILA VITA Parc has...

11 January, 2017 - 15:54

Protecting Mozambique’s marine megafauna

The Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) is a Non Profit Organisation dedicated to the research, protection and conservation of all the...

6 December, 2016 - 16:32

Vila Vita Parc awarded "World’s Leading Luxury Green Resort" at the 2016 WTA

VILA VITA Parc, in the Algarve, prides itself on its sustainable policy, whilst successfully...

Fernado Pessoa - Photo Casa Fernando Pessoa 2 November, 2016 - 17:35

A world of dreams - Casa Fernando Pessoa - Lisbon

The house where Fernando Pessoa lived the last 15 years of his life (1920-35), in the charismatic Lisbon neighbourhood of Campo de...

24 October, 2016 - 17:47

Doing Business in the Algarve

Some may say that the Algarve has become one of the most successful business destinations due to its year-round mild climate, the...

Portuguese Water Dog 14 September, 2016 - 16:01

The engaging tale of the Portuguese Water Dog

Loyal, intelligent, versatile and an exceptional swimmer. A vital assistant for fishermen in their job and at one point on the verge of...

Avenida da Liberdade 19 July, 2016 - 15:48

Visit the luxurious Avenida da Liberdade - Lisbon

Considered the 35th most expensive and the 10th most luxurious in the world,...

14 July, 2016 - 15:06

The Portuguese Discoverers await you at the Wax Museum - Lagos Marina

A journey back in time!