Fernado Pessoa - Photo Casa Fernando Pessoa

A world of dreams - Casa Fernando Pessoa - Lisbon

The house where Fernando Pessoa lived the last 15 years of his life (1920-35), in the charismatic Lisbon neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique, is a must stop on the route for those who love poetry and, especially, those who love reading the poet´s works.

The poet´s bedroom, with its original chest of drawers, on which he wrote his main heteronyms on his “triumphal day”, remains as it originally was.

The poet´s personal items, such as his typewriter, his glasses and notebooks, amongst others, complement the rest of Fernando Pessoa´s House, which also houses a multimedia room, the “Dreamplace” – and even a beautiful and precious private library, with digital works to consult online.

Talks, shows, debates and conferences about literature, exhibitions and workshops for children, all take place in this multiuse venue. Guided visits can also be made by appointment, and the visitor has free access to a library, specialized in poetry and in Fernando Pessoa. It is certainly very special to be able to visit the most intimate living spaces of one of the biggest poets ever.

This year, from 16th to 30th November, Casa Fernando Pessoa and Fundação José Saramago get together again for another edition of Dias do Desassossego .

And our Bar team created the “Alma” Cocktail in honour of Fernando Pessoa because “It’s all worthwhile, if the spirit (soul) is great”…

“Tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena”, Fernando Pessoa