Portimão Museum

Celebrations at the Portimão Museum

May 18th was the International Museum Day, during which the monuments, palaces and exhibition halls under the management of the Cultural Heritage department (DGPC) offered free admission tickets throughout the country. In Portimão, there were two reasons to celebrate this day.

The 8th anniversaryof the Portimão Museum was celebrated on May 21st together with the 16th Portimão Photographic Run and the inauguration of Hein Semke´s exhibition “We are all Fish”. The participants of the Portimão Photographic Run reach different control points where they receive instructions of the themes to photograph. Through their lenses we hope to see a fresh and renovated view of the town, highlighting its activities, its people and its cultural and natural heritage. 

On the day of the Portimão Museum´s anniversary, there was also an interesting programme for the youngest. At the Education Workshop, the “Marias Conserveiras” told their stories about the factory and taught the participants of the ateliers how to construct very special preserve cans. The day ended with a tasting of the preserves.

At the Interpretation Centre of Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar, there was an experimental session where the public participated and interacted in the reproduction of a few clay pieces used for the conservation, preparation and consumption of food in the Portuguese chalcolithic.

We recommend a visit the Portimão Museum website for more information, to check the updated program and other exhibitions.