Protecting Mozambique’s marine megafauna

The Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) is a Non Profit Organisation dedicated to the research, protection and conservation of all the animals included in the megafauna category, such as sharks, manta rays, marine mammals and turtles, along Mozambique’s coast.

One of its highlighted projects is an educational programme called Nemos Pequenos (“Little Nemos”) located in the Inhambane province, in Mozambique, one of the most famous areas for marine life lovers in the country. This marine life is presently endangered due to the increasing illegal poaching in the area. The project aims to educate and create little future “ocean guardians”, in order to engage the local population in the preservation of the local marine life. It also promotes activities that aim to decrease the mortality rate associated to drownings amongst the population to which the ocean constitutes its main source of income.

Based on its principles of wildlife and environmental protection, VILA VITA Parc supported the Nemos Pequenos project in 2016.

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