Ocean Revival Underwater Park - Corveta - Photo: Augusto Salgado

Secrets of the bottom of the seas await you - Ocean Revival Underwater Park

The largest artificial underwater park in the world is in Portugal – or better, in the Ocean opposite the Algarve (Portimão coastline).

The Ocean Revival Underwater Park has four inactive Portuguese Marine vessels, sunk in the bottom of the ocean, and is home to an ever evolving eco-system and a huge attraction for divers from around the world.

The project was born with the objective to promote underwater tourism in the region, creating an exceptional destination for divers.  For the first time ever, four war vessels with a common history were sunk in the same area, forming a large artificial reef, unique in the world, made up of a fleet representing an armada, with the perfect conditions for the proliferation of rich marine life.

Demarcated on the surface by buoys, the Ocean Revival reef is made up of four vessels from the Portuguese Marine:

You are going to like these dives. See the photos in this article from the photographer Augusto Salgado.

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