Silky soft skin with a homemade scrub

There isn’t a big secret to transform your bathroom into a homemade Spa version, it is the little things we already know, lighting up a few candles, hanging a do not disturb sign and turning some relaxing music on.

Go for a good invigorating shower instead of a bath. Have a mindful shower, sensing the water on your body after having it massaged with scrub.

And, this is the trick at the very end, have a couple of freshly washed towels to envelop and dry your skin. You will find out that it isn’t about how well you replicate your Spa at home, it is about you allowing the time to actually pamper yourself!  

This is a treatment that can easily be done at home and is most of the times, underrated.

Body Exfoliation is often left at the bottom of our to-do-list because of our busy agendas and now is the perfect time to take the time. The secret is in the massage!

  1. Moisten the entire body in the shower
  2. Start to scrub from the bottom, with the feet, all the way until the arms and torso
  3. Apply the scrub with gentle circular movements, with light pressure and no rush. Take your time.
  4. Then leave the product on for a few minutes.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, never very hot.
  6. With dry skin, follow by applying a moisturizing cream appropriate for your skin type.