The Porches Greenhouse

Attention to detail and sustainability at VILA VITA Parc is world renown.  Nothing is left to chance, especially when it comes to protection of the environment and of the species that beautify the resort.

That is why, in order to treat and grow plants, a small greenhouse was created in Porches, only a few miles from the resort.  The art of gardening lays in the hands of two highly specialized lady gardeners. Plants in need of intensive care are taken to the greenhouse, where they are treated and fortified until they recover their natural strength, so that they can be returned to their original dwelling.

Small sprouts and aromatic herbs are also grown here, and there is a small concession that has been given to the Ocean restaurant to experiment with special vegetables.  Certain plants and flowers are also grown in advance for special events, such as the poinsettias that are used each year to decorate the festive season at VILA VITA Parc.