High quality and ecological washing and drying of the hotel's linens and materials

VILA VITA Parc doesn't only clean your soul

“If working the old fashioned way was any good, there would be no progress”.

The quote is from Pedro Leite, Head of the Laundry Department at VILA VITA Parc.  He first arrived at the resort in March 1992, a month before the opening, and before starting this position in 2007, he had never worked in a laundry mat or anything like it.

Today, he masters the machines and detergents, the hotel's linens and materials, and is an expert on their care (from bedlinen to uniforms, tablecloths, napkins, towels, curtains...) as well as the guest´s personal clothes.  The most important thing is getting the items back in time and maintaining the quality of the washing and drying.

Here are some interesting numbers: between September 2014 and September 2015, the laundry department washed 511 tons of clothes. The guests, who now send more items to wash during their stay, sent a total of 9.302 items in the same period.

At the end of 2014, 2.936 single sheets and 517 double bedded sheets were washed in the laundry, as well as 449 double duvet covers and 2.762 single covers. From the kitchen, there were more than 11.000 napkins and, from the pools, in August alone, 33.490 towels.

Yet the laundry at VILA VITA Parc also cares greatly about the environment and is constantly in search of solutions which are greener without compromising on quality.  The water used is from a borehole and all the detergents are ecological.  Guests are also more and more concerned about this issue so we offer them the choice to be more responsible with the use of the bathroom and pool towels.   The environment is also happy!