HYPOXI method combines technology and exercise to lose weight

Goodbye fat, and never come back...

How many times have you been on diets to lose volume everywhere, except for the parts that matter? If that is your case, read on for all the details...

The HYPOXI method combines technology and exercise and promises to reduce centimetres from the waist down.

The technology alternates between high and low-pressure massage and moderate exercise, activating the tissue and the spots where stubborn fat is located. This non-invasive method of space technology is available in the only HYPOXI studio in Portugal, located at VILA VITA Parc.

The HYPOXI area at VILA VITA Parc resembles an astronaut training room – a minimalist gym with just four machines on sleek wooden floors and large windows with a view over the tree tops.

The method materialises in four machines: a massage bed, the Dermology HDC; an exercise bicycle in a horizontal or vertical version, the Trainer L250 and the S120; and also a treadmill, the Vacunaut.

And, the good news is that it doesn't hurt!  Try it now and achieve your goals for a great body in time for next summer or your winter escape holiday, with our HYPOXI Special Offers.