Stay in Shape with our New Classes

VILA VITA Parc’s Health Club promotes fitness and health of its guests. This season we introduce two new fitness classes that promise to surprise those who never neglect taking care of their body.

Freeletics is an activity similar to a bootcamp session, but with higher intensity and only using your body’s weight.

During the class, more than 50 cardio exercises, in several stages, can be practiced anywhere and don’t require any use of equipment. The training consists of a warm-up session, followed by the exercises and stretching to finish, during 45 minutes to one hour.

The Golf Exercises session proposes to improve a few physical capabilities that will have influence on the participant’s golf performance. It’s accomplished in the gym and involves strength, flexibility, equilibrium and concentration. When you arrive at the golf course, you will be ready to be a winner at each swing.

Feel fit, stay in shape and try new modalities at Vila Vita Parc and go back home with an even more elegant silhouette.