VILA VITA Parc: An Instagrammer’s delight

A true paradise for social media lovers.

VILA VITA Parc is filled with magical nooks and crannies that make it an Instagrammer’s delight. Everywhere you look you discover a new special place that offers you endless Instagrammable options (yes, Instagrammable is now a word!).

Vivid colours, incredible details and a surprising and elegant design, not to mention the amazing opportunities it offers foodies in terms of food photography: all the requirements are met for you to share amazing pictures of your dream holidays with your family, friends and followers and get all the likes and comments you deserve.

We’ll let you in on some of these well kept secrets. Now it’s up to you to make magic happen on social media next time you visit VILA VITA Parc. Oh, and don't forget to tag VILA VITA Parc on your photos! (#vilavitaparc | @vilavitaparc)

Christian Lacroix Floral Wallpaper


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The lobby that takes you to the Winter Garden next to the Bela Vita Restaurant, in the Main Building, is definitely one of the favourite spots at VILA VITA Parc. The incredible and unique floral wallpaper by Christian Lacroix, complemented by a set of elegant and minimal furniture, is often used as a background for many of the pictures taken by our guests.

Wicker Chair "The Throne"


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The large wicker chair located near the infinity pool at the Clubhouse is often referred to as “the Throne” by many of our guests and visitors, many times associated to one of the most popular TV shows of all time – Game of Thrones. Made with traditional materials, it is a mandatory spot for any social media lover.

Infinity Pool


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The infinity pool by the Clubhouse is definitely on the Top 3 most Instagrammable places at VILA VITA Parc. The incredible, breath-taking view over the Atlantic Ocean and the cliffs that surround the secluded beach, makes it one of the most photographed spots ever at the resort.

Ocean View Straw Hats


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What could be better than to enjoy an uninterrupted view over the endless shades of blue of the Atlantic Ocean while resting under a beautiful straw sun hat? The garden in front of the Residence building is one of the favourites when it comes to sharing a paradise-like picture on social media.

Traditional Tiles Tables


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The traditional Portuguese tiles on the tables at the Oasis Bar’s terrace, located at the Main Building, are definitely one of the favourite details of our guests and visitors. Especially when they are decorated with one of the amazing cocktails prepared by the experienced bar team, or an expresso accompanied by one or two (let’s make it two) Pastéis de Nata - one of the most popular and delicious pastries in Portugal.

There’s a lot more to discover in terms of perfect Instagram-worthy places at VILA VITA Parc, but we prefer not to ruin the feeling of discovering them by yourself.

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